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Unforgettable nights. Easy to organise.

  • Easy to book

  • R-rated

  • Fully nude

  • Private room hire

  • Bar service 

  • Back to back entertainment!

  • A damn fun night! No really, it's a great night out.

Whether its a birthday blowout, crazy weekend with friends, or a last fling before the ring - we've got you! Below is our list of function pack combos. There is also the option to build your own function. Feel free to ask for any requests to make the night special.


Our Function coordinator, Fiona will be happy to sort you out with an unforgettable night.


Submit an enquiry form, call us, or shoot over an email.

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300 (1 hour)

Humiliation Show
Bath Show
Dominatrix Show


460 (1 hour)

Raunchy Show
Candy Show
Girl-on-Girl Show

Five hot strippers dressed in Candy bikinis as a party of a Bucks Party in Melbourne.
Three hot strippers singing Karaoke at The Men's Gallery in Melbourne. All in black lingerie.


560 (1 hour)

Bath Show
Double Humiliation Show
Girl-on-Girl Show


660 (1 HOUR)

Double Bath
Double Dominatrix Show
Girl-on-Girl Show

A blue UV handprint on a naked girls ass at the Men's Gallery in Melbourne.
14 strippers lined up in a row at The Men's Gallery strip club in Melbourne. They're all sexy girls!


1290 (2 HOURS)

Raunchy Show
Double Candy Show
Double Dominatrix Show
Double Humiliation Show
Double Bath Show 
Three-way Girl-on-Girl(on-Girl!) Show


Each function needs a minimum of three shows, going for one hour.

A Bucks Party at The Men's Gallery in Melbourne. A unique humiliating Bucks party idea.


100 (20 mins)

Not for the faint of heart.

Here's your chance to get the groom to be absolutely Buck'd. Our girls make an absolute mockery of the man of the hour. Will they dress him up in a nappy? Ride him around like a horse? Get him to call her daddy? Or maybe it's time to play doctor...

Whichever way the show goes, we can't promise that your buck will leave with his ego in tact.


100 (20 mins)

Looking for something a little sweeter?​ Our girls come out with more than a few Twix up their sleeve (...or lack of sleeves).

Weather it's undressing a girl with your mouth by eating her candy bikini off her body. Or getting sensual with strawberries and cream. We can bring your Candy Crush to life!

A Unique candy Bucks party idea! Seven girls dressed in candy bikinis partying and drinking!
A dominatrix bondage bucks party idea. Two girls, one is blindfolding the other. One is saying shh.


100 (20 mins)

Sit down and sshaddup! She's the boss for the next 20 minutes.

In this 50-shades-of-grey-inspired performance, our girls take control. You'll see whips, rope, chains, and a whole lotta' attitude. 


100 (20 mins)

There's just something special about a girl dripping wet, isn't there?

This wet n' wild show is literally dripping with sex appeal... Wash down the girls and make sure to wipe away all the suds! Ask for a second girl if you're keen to add in some soapy body slides.

If you're chasing some action, super soaker fights with the girls can be arranged...

Two naked strippers in a shower. A wet and wild bucks party idea at The Men's Gallery in Melbourne.
Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 11.22.51


260 (20 mins)

A classic's a classic. You know what it is!


100 (20 mins)

Who's ready for body shots!?

Take a walk on the wild side and bring out your inner party animal. This one gives the girls a chance to cut loose as they get a little crazy with shaving cream, ice cubes, and fire!! 

A raunchy Bucks Party at The Men's Gallery in Melbourne. A stripper is lighting the Buck on fire.


Thanks for submitting!

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