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The next generation of Melbourne sex-bombs debuts in the Miss Men's Gallery Showgirl Competition.

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Last Friday left us shook... 10 brand new Showgirls took to the stage for the first time ever and absolutely tore the house down!

Audiences were left mesmerised as they watched back to back (or booty to booty) shows dripping with sex appeal wash the stage. Each Showgirl took on her own theme, costume (or lack of), lighting tech, soundtrack, and choreography. The judging panel can't have had an easy time figuring out the winner... but I guess someone has to do it.

The shows were jaw dropping. Both in terms of skill, and raw sexual energy. This new generation of Strippers (Striplets) has got both fans and industry mover-shakers very excited about the future. If this is a debut show, then ho-ly shit, watch this space!

Choreographer and current Miss Nude Australia, Tia Carerra said after the show;

"It's so special seeing new girls do well. They're like baby ducks who need nurturing. And then all of a sudden they're sexy adult ducks in thigh highs and PVC. It's just amazing!"

All of Friday's shows will now be showing regularly at The Men's Gallery (601 Lonsdale Street). Private dances are available with the performers through the night.

Come party with us!

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